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Scope & Benefits

The following are the scope and benefits of the ICIPM-2023, which will be held on 16 th & 17 th June 2023, in Seoul, South Korea

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    Research in the field of International Conference on Computer, Cybernetics and Education aids in defining and examining novel concepts or examining understudied areas. According to several interviewees, working with peers from the same discipline typically only results in incremental innovation, whereas cooperating with peers from different disciplines may result in the development of novel concepts and ground-breaking innovations.

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    Varied Expertise

    Through Computer, cybernetics and education initiatives, it is feasible to use the knowledge from several fields to address certain issues. In the case of applied research, the majority of respondents claimed that cooperation was required since one partner lacked the essential knowledge to complete the task entirely on their own.

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    Addressing Hard-To-Address Challenges

    Additionally, today it is believed that research in Computer, cybernetics and education is necessary to handle complex problems that transcend disciplinary borders. However, some individuals have acknowledged that there is still discussion over the advantages and disadvantages of having, for instance, computer science inspired by cybernetics and education. In any case, there is unquestionably a need to create more complex artefacts, which is in favour of interdisciplinary study.

    Speeding Up Rate Of Progress

    Bridging Theoretical & Applied Research

    Ensuring A Higher ROI

    Giving Rise To New Disciplines

    To network, to meet the keynote speakers for advise, to create connections with researchers who share similar interests

    To present your ideas, findings and work with others to get feedback on your research project

    To discuss ideas with other researchers and learn about other projects being undertaken in your field

    Receiving exposure and to develop an interest in research.

    Connecting with other researchers and scholars in the same field.

    Keeping in touch with the academic researchers from all around the world.

    All the accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings.

    All the accepted papers will be published in relevant International Journals.

    All accepted papers will be provided with Digital Object Identifier(DOI) numbers with which authors can find their research papers uploaded at the doidirectory.com

    Awards will be given for the best research paper as well as best paper presentation